Just a short distance from Bellemarche, Nova Scotia, the Gypsum Mine Trail invites visitors to experience its stunning natural beauty and deep-rooted history, all set against breathtaking views. This guide aims to give you everything you need to know for a memorable journey along this picturesque trail.

At a Glance:

  • Distance: 2.6 km (1.6 miles) out-and-back
  • Average Time: About 40 minutes for the full walk
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Features: Headland cliff, ocean vistas, and a historic gypsum quarry now a natural lake.
  • GPS Coordinates: 46.737691, -60.880377

Awe-Inspiring Scenery: Stand atop the dramatic headland cliffs and soak in unparalleled views of the rugged coastline. Gaze down upon the iconic Cabot Trail as it meanders gracefully down the mountainside. If you’re fortunate, the Gulf of St. Lawrence may reveal frolicking whales. Additionally, the region is home to moose, bald eagles, bears, and a variety of boreal birds.

A Dive into History: In the early 20th century, the serene Gypsum Mine Lake was once a hive of activity, functioning as a thriving gypsum quarry. This continued until the late 1930s when National Gypsum graciously transferred the land to the Cheticamp community. Now, where industrial operations once thrived, a peaceful lake surrounded by lush forests stands as a sanctuary for those in search of tranquility.

The Lookout: Adventurous souls might feel the call of a steeper side trail. It’s a path to an unspoiled viewpoint, providing an expansive perspective of the lake and its environs. However, safety first! Ensure cautious navigation.

Numerous visitors have shared their experiences about this trail. One common sentiment is the sheer simplicity and beauty of the path. The trail, for many, presents an easy stroll, with the lake providing a stunning backdrop, irrespective of weather conditions. Some have even pointed out the exhilaration of a steeper section, highlighting it as an added thrill. During summer, taking a refreshing dip is deemed almost essential. However, be wary of mud and insects, as they often accompany those who tread this route.

Tourists at Cheticamp Gypsum Mine Trail
Tourists at Cheticamp Gypsum Mine Trail

Practical Tips for Hikers:

  • Preserve the environment; stick to the marked trails and boardwalks.
  • For the safety of local fauna, refrain from bringing dogs along.
  • Before setting out, always verify the day’s weather. Coastal conditions can shift unpredictably.
  • Equip yourself with essentials: water, bug spray, and a map of the trail.
  • Suitable footwear is imperative, especially post-rain when muddy patches can surface.
  • Practice the “Leave No Trace” ethos. Handle waste responsibly, avoid plucking plants, and don’t interact with the wildlife.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are not permitted within the park’s confines.

Your Journey to the Gypsum Mine Quarry:

Beginning your journey is straightforward. A brief 5-minute drive from Cheticamp’s central avenue will lead you to the trailhead. Upon parking, the concluding stretch is a straight shot from the parking area’s end to the lake. Despite some minor inclines, the walk remains largely easy. Typically, you can reach the lake in 20 minutes and the return journey would be equally swift. However, after showers, the path can morph into a muddy and slippery terrain, necessitating sturdy boots.


Complimentary parking, along with the trail’s starting point, is situated on Cheticamp Back Road, branching off from the renowned Cabot Trail. For reference, the Accolade Hostel Retreat Campground is adjacent to this parking space.

Delving Deeper:

The Gypsum Mine Quarry’s depths remain shrouded in mystery. Local tales hint at a depth of 75 feet or more, with relics of mining machinery believed to be resting below.

Winter at the Gypsum Mine Lake:

Though the lake might tempt with its icy visage in winter, caution is paramount. Springs feed into the lake, potentially creating treacherous patches on the ice. Engaging in winter activities on the lake is generally discouraged for safety reasons.

Adventure awaits at the Gypsum Mine Trail

The Gypsum Mine Trail in the vicinity of Cheticamp presents an exquisite confluence of history, scenic allure, and adventure. Whether your desire is a quick saunter, a spirited ascent, or a peaceful swim, this trail welcomes all. As you traverse its length, be mindful of your ecological footprint, ensuring the pristine charm of this locale remains untarnished for posterity. Here’s to a memorable hike!