Maison Fiset House is a tourism operator offering accommodations in the community of Chéticamp, on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. The entrance Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Maison Fiset House operates as an 8-Room Inn and also offers 2 Rental Units as accommodation option which are located in a separate, nearby building on the same property.

Maison Fiset House

The Maison Fiset House can be described as a well-preserved and modernized monument to local heritage. Maison Fiset House represents the resilience of Acadian communities along the entire East Coast of North America, as all the Acadian communities in these areas have dealt with similar challenges throughout history. Since greeting its first guests in 2010, the Inn continues to stand as an homage to those who have persevered.

The building was originally constructed in 1895 by Father Pierre Fiset, the local priest for his brother, Dr. Napoleon Fiset and his family, making Dr. Fiset Chéticamp’s first physician.

Père Fiset
Father Pierre Fiset
Maison Fiset House - 1914
Maison Fiset in 1914
Docteur Napoléon Fiset
Doctor Napoléon Fiset

It would be worth noting that Dr. Napoleon Fiset’s brother (Father Pierre Fiset) is also responsible for the construction of Chéticamp’s St. Peter’s Church (Paroisse Saint-Pierre, l’église Saint-Pierre), a registered historic place with the government of Canada and is also protected under Nova Scotia’s Heritage Property Act.

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Église Saint-Pierre